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    Teaching English to Young Learners

    Dr. David Nunan

    Dr. David Nunan

    Dr. David Nunan is the founding Dean of the Anaheim University Graduate School of Education, President Emeritus and founder of the Anaheim University David Nunan Institute for Language Education. Dr. Nunan is a world-renowned linguist and acclaimed author of texts for both teachers and students of the English language. He is a former President of TESOL, the world’s largest language teaching organization. Dr. Nunan is the world’s leading textbook author with textbook sales exceeding 1 billion. He has authored textbooks for many of the world’s leading publishers including Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Thomson Publishing, Heinle & Heinle, and Cengage Learning. He has been involved in the teaching of graduate programs for such prestigious institutions as Columbia University, the University of Hawaii, Monterey Institute for International Studies and the University of Hong Kong. 

    Marie Webb 

    Instructor: Marie Webb
    Email: mwebb@anaheim.edu

    About Marie Webb

    Marie Webb is a graduate of the University of San Diego where she earned her Master of Education in TESOL, Literacy and Culture. She has been teaching since 2010 in a wide range of settings including California community colleges and universities, and has international teaching experience in Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Japan, and Macau, China. In addition to her ESL teaching, Marie has also taught Master's level coursework at the University of San Diego's Master of Education in TESOL program. Currently, Marie is a Doctoral candidate in English composition and applied linguistics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and is interested in researching and learning more about writing teacher identity in the Composition and TESOL fields.

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    • 2 May - 8 May

      Module 1: Who is the "young learner"?