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System looking for reviewers

System looking for reviewers

by Hayo Reinders -
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Hi all,

Just received this email from System. They are looking for new reviewers. If you do decide to write to them, you are welcome to mention my name.

Best wishes


Dear Reviewer


Like all international journals, System relies enormously on its reviewers. With increasing levels of submissions (we are now getting about 500-600 a year), we need (1) to allocate papers to reviewers as efficiently as possible, and (2) to recruit new reviewers.


(1) Those of you who have been reviewing for System since before 2011 will know that there was previously no need for the editor to have a detailed knowledge or database of individual specialisms, since every abstract went to every reviewer. Within the Elsevier Editorial System, and especially now that we have an Editorial Assistant helping us, a list of specialisms is absolutely vital. So please, if you have not already registered your specialist domains (known as ‘Classifications’ in EES), please log in at and select from the list (copy attached) those areas in which you feel comfortable reviewing.


For (2), please encourage younger colleagues who are building an academic career to consider reviewing for System, which has perhaps the most international profile and broadest remit of international journals in our field. They are welcome to send an email to, listing their specialisms as per the attached list.


Many thanks for your continued support. A list of all those who have reviewed for us in 2011 and 2012 will appear in the Volume 41 Issue 1 Editorial.


Best wishes

Jim, Regine and Lluisa



Jim Coleman, Editor-in-Chief

Regine Hampel, Associate Editor

Lluïsa Astruc, Associate Editor

System: An International Journal of Educational Technology and Applied Linguistics