Unit 1 - Online Discussion Forum

  1. What two competing views of education are presented in the first section of the chapter?

  2. In your view, what are the three most important points about experiential learning made in the chapter?

  3. What is the difference between inductive learning and deductive learning?

  4. What is communicative language teaching, and what factors led to its emergence in ELT?

  5. Identify two different senses in which the term 'learner-centered' can be used.

  6. Would a learner-centered approach work in your situation? Why or why not?

  7. Which of the principles of adult learning articulated by Brundage and MacKeracher do you agree with? Which do you disagree with? How do the principles relate to a humanistic, experiential view of education?

  8. Do you agree with the assertion that there is a degree of negotiation in every classroom? Think of a class that you taught, observed, or took part in as a learner in which negotiation occurred and give three - five examples of negotiation.

  9. Identify three differences between a 'traditional' and a 'task-based' language classroom.

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