Unit 1 - Online Discussion Forum

  1. What is the relationship between Communicative Language Teaching and Task-based Language Teaching?

  2. What is learner-centered instruction? What are some of the challenges to implementing learner-centered instruction? How might these be overcome?

  3. Review Figure 2 (page 9). Which of these strategies might be difficult to implement? Why? Which strategies might only be feasible to introduce to more advanced learners?

  4. List 3 – 4 of your own favorite teaching strategies. What do they say about your own teaching style?

  5. Review the pre-tasks on page 12. Which would be suitable for beginners? Which for more advanced students? Which would be more suitable for listening/speaking and which for reading/writing?

  6. Study a course book and create an inventory of pre-tasks. 

  7. Study the information gap task on page 13. What level of proficiency do you think that the task is designed for? What language do you imagine that the students will need to use? What language functions are the students practicing?

  8. What are the aims of the reflection tasks on page 14? Study a coursebook and find examples of 3 – 4 reflection tasks. If the coursebook doesn’t have reflection tasks, see whether you can design some. 

  9. Carry out a websearch on any of the topics, terms, principles, techniques, or tasks presented in Unit 1. Evaluate one site and share the results of your research.