Course Mechanics and Assignments

Mechanics of the Course:

Students are required to:

  • Participate in two real-time online classes during the course
  • Contribute in weekly forums to present and discuss critically the assigned material for the week
  • Compete weekly reading assignments
  • Answer assigned discussion questions presented in the course outline for each week
  • Complete the Internet assignment
  • Complete the proctored final exam
  • Conduct Internet and library research as needed to accomplish all assignments


Course Activities

Real-Time Online Classes (End of Weeks 1 and 4)

Two interactive, real-time online classes will be held during the course.  These will be timed so that the webcast will occur on Thursday 6:30 – 8:00 pm California time (PDT) of Week 1 and Week 4.  Each webcast will be two hours and will feature a lecture, interactive question and answer session, and/or student or team presentations of cases or assignments. (10% of final grade)


Online Discussion Forum Questions (Weekly)

Each week, selected student host(s) will be responsible for promoting discussion in the Online Discussion Forum. The professor will assign discussion for the week. All students will take part in these discussions, and it is the responsibility of the weekly student host(s) to encourage students to actively participate. Forum discussion grades will be determined by students’ fulfillment of their host duties and the level of their participation in discussions when not serving as a host. (20% of final grade)


Reading Assignments (Weekly)

The weekly reading assignments are drawn from the texts.

Individual Written Assignments (Due End of Week)

Each week there are individually assigned discussion questions and case analyses which are presented in the course outline and schedule.  Detailed, written responses to these assignments must be submitted by the end of the week in which they are assigned. (30% of final grade)


Internet Assignment (Due End of Assigned Week)

There is one Internet based assignment, described in the course outline, which must be completed by the end of the week in which it is assigned. This must be completed individually and independently. (10% of final grade)


Proctored Final Exam 

There will be a proctored final exam required. The exam will be conducted in accordance with the University proctored exam policy. (30% of final grade)


Note on Final Objectives for the Course

There are several additional overarching objectives of the Entrepreneurial Management course which should be mentioned.  First, we want to stimulate students to think for themselves in dealing with real life issues confronting entrepreneurial teams as they strive to envision, create and grow real entrepreneurial ventures.  In this world, there are no “right answers” but rather a variety of strategies and plans which could lead to success.  The key is to choose strategies which have the potential to be successful, which resonate well with the members of the entrepreneurial team, and which the team has the skills and abilities to effectively implement. Secondly, we want to help students make a transition from the academic world to the world of entrepreneurship by providing them with the opportunity to deal with real life issues which actually face entrepreneurial ventures.  Finally, we want to provide a rich learning experience which will be both interesting and fun.

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