There is an on-going dearth of books, articles and other publications on leadership in education, and an even greater scarcity of publications on language education leadership (abbreviated in this course as ‘LEL’). Consequently, courses like this often end up having to choose between out-of-date LEL publications, or using texts written by and from the corporate, for-profit world. However, education, including language teaching and learning, is a markedly different endeavour from making and selling, for example, cars or other commercial commodities. Therefore, the literature from the for-profit world is often not applicable to and not appropriate for language education. This course is designed to address those limitations and deficiencies by drawing on, to the greatest extent possible, leadership literature from education, and wherever possible, language education. This course also makes a significant distinction between management and leadership, rejecting the interchangeable use of those two terms. As the literature on leadership and on management has grown exponentially in recent years, the two areas can still be considered to overlap with each other, but the two areas are now also distinctive and identifiably different. This course will, therefore, focus as much as possible on leadership in language education.